Why Should I use an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner?

by Casey Morris on January 13, 2016



It still amazes me how many people either think that travel agencies no longer exist, or that it costs more money to use one. I get asked the question all the time, “what is the benefit of booking through Pirate and Pixie Dust Destinations, and how much does it cost?”. Those are great questions, and I would love to address those here!


This title that we are able to use, was not just given to us, we EARNED it! Any travel agency can book a Disney vacation for you. You should look for an agency that has this distinction, because it is a pretty big deal. Disney requires an agency to book a certain amount of total sales over a 2 year period in order to become Earmarked, which means we can call our agency an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. PPDD earned this title after only 2 years of being in business. This means that Disney keeps a close eye on everything we do, because they know we send a lot of clients their way. Also, by earning this distinction, our agency will be invited to the annual Earmarked Conference. This means even more training for us, which in turn, benefits you!!


Yes, I said FREE! Most people do not realize that Disney (along with most other vacation destinations) builds in a commission into the cost of everything…resort, tickets, cruises, etc. This means that if you book a vacation by yourself, guess who is keeping that extra money. You guessed it! The big name companies! By booking your vacation with one of our PPDD travel planners, you are supporting a small business! Now, let’s look at those benefits that you get for allowing us to help you.


Money saving benefits

We already mentioned that our planning services are free, but we also save our client’s a lot of money too! When Disney announces new promotions, often times they release several different types of promotions at the same time. We stay on top of your vacation, and are sure to apply the best discount code to save you the most money. Sending an email to a client, surprising them with how much money we just saved them is an amazing feeling! At times, clients opt to upgrade their resort or package with the new discount instead. Either way, we have your best interest in mind and will take care of it!

On board credits for Disney Cruise Line

Did you know that when you book a Disney Cruise with us, not only do we help you plan everything out, but we also give you money to spend on the ship out of our own pockets?!? This money is based on a sliding scale, dependent upon how much your cruise costs. We do this as a thank you gift for booking your cruise with us!

We are experts

All of our agents go through advanced training, and are all Disney College of Knowledge graduates. We all have extensive travel history as well, so are able to give you first hand experience tips!

Concierge level itinerary planning

Once we help you choose the right package for your family, we create a detailed itinerary just for you. This itinerary is going to include Advanced Dining Reservations (even character meals!), Fastpasses, Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique Reservations, Pirates League Reservations, suggestions for those “not to miss” events, notes you can see in your free My Disney Experience app that even tell directions on how to get to certain restaurants, and much more! Doing these things on your own, coupled with the research on how to do it would take most people days, if not weeks! A Disney vacation is supposed to be MAGICAL. We provide that for you, without any stress on your part!


Disney provides complimentary, round trip transfers for all guests staying on property. We will set that up for you as well. If you prefer to be wisked away from the airport in style, in a private car or limo..we can do that! If you are sailing aboard Disney Cruise Line, transfers are not complimentary, but we will set up the best transfers within your budget!

Pre and Post Cruise Hotel Stays

We always recommend driving or flying in the day prior to sailing. When doing that, we will set up your hotel stay the night before, and of course all the transportation needed!


Every now and then, we have clients that prefer to do their own vacation plans. So why would they book with us? 2 reasons really…1. They enjoy supporting small business 2. They like for us to review everything they have done, as well as be there to ask questions to and apply their discounts for them! Basically, we can do as little or as much as you would like for us to do!


We realize that many clients find us after they have already booked their vacation. They are scouring the internet trying to find information on how to plan, and quickly become overwhelmed. Does this sound familiar? In most cases, we can still help you! Simply choose a PPDD travel planner, and ask!


Our biggest compliment that we could get is having repeat clients and referrals. We run our business almost completely on those two alone! We know that treating our clients like family is very important, and that is how we have been blessed enough to grow so quickly. So, don’t just take our word for everything that has been said, read some of our Guestimonials!


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