The Great Movie Ride

by Casey Morris on June 15, 2013

The Great Movie ride is located just behind Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is inside the building which is an exact replica of the Chinese Theatre that was originally built in Hollywood, California in 1928.
As you enter, be sure to take time to check out all the movie memorabilia. Although subject to change, some of the items on display include a carousel horse from Mary Poppins, ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz and a costume from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
Once you move past this section in the queue area , you will come into a large theater room. Here, you can preview some of the movies which you will experience in the ride.
When it is time to board your tram, know that there are two different scenarios you can experience. These are either gangster or western. Usually if it is during a slow time (low crowds), they only offer gangster, but if you would prefer to see the western, let the cast member know and they can direct you on where to sit. Both trams will go through the same scenes, it just depends on where the acting of your cast member will take place.
Here we go!
Now you will see different scenes from movies that are set up, and carried out by audio animatronics. Here are just a few pictures from the many different scenes you will see. 
Great Movie Ride


Great Movie Ride Mary Poppins

This is where the “gangster” scene is acted out
Our tram is about to be hijacked by this woman!

Where the “western” scene takes place. the buildings on the left catch on fire.  
Great Movie Ride Casablanca


Great Movie Ride Wizard of Oz


As much as my family loves to visit this attraction, I have to say, please be cautious with young children. My kids love it, but have seen it numerous times since they were too young to understand what was going on. There are several scenes that can be very frightening for little ones. For example, I usually see kids scrambling for their parent’s laps, and hear them crying during the same scenes over and over. The first part that is not kid friendly is either of the two acting scenes that I mentioned. During the gangster scene, your tram is hijacked, and you sit through a shooting match. The western scene has a building catch on fire just next to you, so neither option, in my opinion, is great for kids who tend to be fearful of things. The other scenes that can be frightening are Alien and Raiders of the Lost Ark. 
My favorite part of this attraction is certainly the last scene with the Wizard of Oz. You are surrounded by the munchkins welcoming you to Munchkin Land. Just after seeing Dorothy with the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion, your tram will park while everyone watches a movie montage. Then you will pull forward, back to where you first boarded your tram, and it is time for the last scene…..”The Exit”.

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