Pirate and Pixie Dust Destinations, LLC and it’s subsidiary company – Meridian Travel Company will be referred to as either “us”, “we” or “our”. By visiting our site and/or booking travel through us, you are agreeing to our “terms of service agreement”. Please read our terms thoroughly before proceeding with arranging travel plans with our company.


We provide no-obligation travel quotes for clients, but can not guarantee availability. Inventory and prices change for all vacation suppliers constantly.

We thoroughly gather information from clients to create itineraries based off what they desire. Once the itinerary is created, the travel advisor is not bound to making any changes to said itinerary. If in fact the client would like to make their own changes, they may do so. However, if a client makes a change and realizes they do not like the change that was made, we are not liable or responsible for correcting that change. We create one itinerary only.

If client cancels their vacation package booked with us, we reserve the right to cancel all itinerary plans and reservations linked to that vacation package.

Once client’s deposit is processed on their vacation, they may be given codes to our exclusive password protected section of our website. This information is available for our clients only, and the codes may not be shared with anyone else.

All changes, payments or cancellation of vacation will be handled by the travel advisor working directly with the vacation supplier, with the exception of our paid planning services in which we don’t have access to the original booking.


If your travel accommodations are not booked with us, but you would still like to take advantage of our concierge planning services, you can opt for our paid planning services. All Terms of Service are applicable. In addition, the paid planning service fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.


Travel insurance is strongly recommended on every vacation package. We have a professional responsibility to recommend that you protect your vacation purchase and yourself. We do quote and offer travel insurance on every vacation package that is booked with us. However, all questions about policy and coverage must be directly asked of the insurance provider.

If you choose to decline travel insurance, you accept liability for cancellation penalties assessed by the travel supplier, or any out of pocket expenses related to incidents while traveling.

Our travel advisors are not responsible for any damages, losses or injuries occurring during travel.


We do not charge cancellation or change fees. However, it is the client’s responsibility to know the terms and conditions set forth by each travel supplier in which they are booked with.  Here are the terms and conditions for a few of the travel suppliers that we work with. Any other supplier that client may be booked with, client will have full access to that supplier’s terms and conditions at all times.


Once the client receives their vacation confirmation from us, it is their responsibility to review all the information thoroughly for accuracy including but not limited to spelling of names, date of birth, travel dates, vacation package inclusions, prices, etc.

It is client’s sole responsibility to confirm all documentation requirements for their travel destination. The client releases us from any responsibility from damages incurred as a result of failure to know requirements.

While not required for a “closed loop” cruise, we still highly recommend each traveler to have a valid passport when cruising.

Please see Travel Resources below for guidance on knowing your requirements.


All information that is provided to us from the client including, but not limited to: names, date of birth, billing information, address and telephone number is given directly to the travel supplier on the client’s behalf for the purposes of creating the vacation booking. This information is collected, stored and processed securely. We take client privacy very seriously.  We ask for our clients not to send us any billing information outside of our secure booking forms to ensure security.


We have no special knowledge regarding unsafe conditions, health hazards, or weather hazards of any portion of any tour. We can not recommend if the client should travel or cancel for any reason. It is the clients responsibility to check advisories and make an informed decision. We do have recommendations of where to find this information below. You hereby release us from any claims resulting in whole or in part from any problem covered in this paragraph and any other causes not within our control.