Get to know our Travel Advisors - what destination they specialize in, and how to connect with them.

Owner-Casey Morris - Winterville, NC

Charlie Mathews - Kathleen, GA

Kristi Myerholtz - Hartwell, GA

Kari Audino - Winterville, NC

Karel Swinson - Greenville, NC

Leah Robertson - Hertford, NC

Michelle Lynott - Avoca, PA

Marissa Selner - Green Bay, WI

Natalie Jansing - Lufkin, TX

Shannon Foltz - Apex, NC

Christy Lyczkowski - Cary, NC

Heather Parker - Winterville, NC

Melissa Kramer - Orlando, FL

Tammy Connors - Ranson, WV

Courtney Whichard - Greenville, NC

Rachel Little - Greenville, NC

Sarah Mueller - El Paso, Texas

Gina Mach - Lemont, IL

Mindy Miller - Winterville, NC

Christie Yow - Kannapolis, NC

Sarah Smith - Lewiston, New York

Haley Price - Elk City, OK

Pirate And Pixie Dust Destinations - Phone: (800) 758-4173
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