Journey Into Imagination with Figment

by Casey Morris on June 15, 2013

Journey into Imagination with Figment
Imagination….Imagination…..A dream can be a dream come true, with just a spark, from me and you! This is the song my daughter sings all the time from this attraction located in Epcot. It is always the first thing we do when we arrive.
When I was a little girl, this was one of my favorites as well, but I have to say, it has changed a lot since then.  The attraction originally opened in March of 1983 and was known as Journey into Imagination. On this ride you were greeted by Dreamfinder, a man with a red beard and dressed in a suit and top hat. He creates “figment of his imagination” which is a purple dragon with a silly personality, named Figment. In October of 1998, it was closed for a major renovation.
Journey into YOUR Imagination was opened in October of 1999. Dreamfinder was removed from the attraction and replaced by the new guide, Dr. Nigel Channing. Figment did not appear as much either. There were mixed reviews from guests, including myself. Everyone loves Figment! The attraction was closed again in October 2001 for yet another renovation.
In June of 2002, Journey into Imagination with Figment was opened, and Figment returned in a much larger role. 
You now will board your car….

and take a ride through the sound, sight, smell, touch and taste labs, exploring all your senses.  All the while exploring, Figment wants to “turn things upside down”, so he brings you into his imagination.


With F-I-G-M-E-N-T you can see things differently….













Moving on into the Smell Lab.

“Your mind defines what enters through you nose, that’s how you tell a skunk is not a rose.”
At this point, Dr. Nigel does not want to continue with his open house, he says Figment has turned everything upside down. Well, saying this gives Figment an idea, so he DOES turn everything upside down!

“So as you can plainly see, imagination works best when it’s set free” – Dr. Nigel
“You said it doc! Imagination is a blast!” – Figment – Expect a blast of air and a bright flash.

Throughout all these renovations, the actual ride lost about 40% of its ride time. This made room for Imageworks –the “what if” labs. You will enter this as soon as you exit the ride.
There are several interactive play areas for both the kids, and the kids at heart. My girls would play here for a while, running from different activities which include an interactive music floor,
make your own digit Figment, then email it to yourself,

an over sized version of what I would compare to the electronic Simon Says game,
or become an orchestra leader to Figment playing his instruments.

My kids also like to chase the spinning lights on the floor.
I have to say, this is a nice, air conditioned area for mommies and daddies to take a break while the kids play!
Before you leave, you can also have your photo taken digitally and placed in a nice souvenir.
Don’t want to lug it around in the park? No worries, they will send it to your Disney resort for you! 
Of course there are also plenty of Figment items to purchase as well. This is one of my daughters with her stuffed Figment.
 If you have questions about this attraction, or would like a free, no obligation travel quote, you can contact us at 1-800-758-4173 or by email.

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