Enchanted Tales with Belle

by Casey Morris on June 15, 2013

Enchanted Tales with Belle Fantasyland

Enchanted Tales with Belle is one of the attractions of new Fantasyland. With that being said, it is quite popular, so I have a recommendation. I suggest as soon as you enter the park (preferably at park opening), head straight to this attraction. You may also take advantage of this attraction during Extra Magic Hours offered to guests of Walt Disney World Resorts.

Throughout most of Disney, many of the upgrades are including enhancements to the waiting queues. As you enter the queue for this attraction, you will spend most of your wait time outside, following along a winding pathway lined by small trees and flowers.
It sets the perfect atmosphere, as I honestly felt like I was stepping into Belle’s world! You can even see Beast’s castle in the distance.
Once you enter indoors, you will be in Maurice’s cottage. You will not spend a long time in this area, so be sure to soak in all the neat details.

I loved seeing a portrait of young Belle with her mother.

As you move a little further along, you will enter Maurice’s workshop, and come to  a magic mirror, which will help “transport” you inside Beast’s castle.
This is where the fun really begins! A small group of you will be introduced to Madame Wardrobe along with a cast member. Here, Madame Wardrobe will ask for volunteers to re-enact “Beauty and the Beast”.
Volunteers can be adults or children, and will be given props to play characters including Maurice, Phillipe, Chip, Mrs. Potts and the Beast along with a few others. This is my oldest daughter that was chosen to be a salt shaker. 


Please note that it is meant for ONLY the people who are playing roles in the re-enactment to be able to take pictures with Belle, but the times I have been there, they allowed all the kids to take picture with her afterwards. If you are unable to get good pictures with your camera, be sure to grab one of the photopass cards the photographer will be handing out at the end. It will include all the photos taken during your time there.
Once all the volunteers have been chosen, the group will move into the Beast’s Library. Here you will then be greeted by Lumiere, followed by Belle.
The re-enactment will take place and will end with music and Belle posing for a few photos. Here are some photos of my little salt shaker making her way around the room. 

Belle will not sign autographs, but be sure to get a bookmark with her signature on the back on your way out. The cast members should be handing them out as you leave. This is what the front and back of the book mark looks like. 

This is a real treat for everyone in the family, and a must do in my opinion!  
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