Disney’s Quick Service Dining Plan

by Casey Morris on December 18, 2017

What is Disney’s Quick Service Dining Plan?

Essentially, it is a way to prepay for your food while on vacation, which in turn can discount the overall cost of the food purchased. This gives you that “all inclusive” feel while vacationing. With this plan, each guest in the traveling party (ages 3+) will receive PER NIGHT of your stay:

2 Quick Service Dining Credits

2 Snack Credits

Each person will also receive one refillable mug.

What exactly is a dining credit?

  • Quick Service Credits
    • Includes 1 entree and 1 beverage – Guests under 21 years of age can choose one non-alcoholic beverage or specialty beverage. Guests 21 and older can can choose either one non-alcoholic beverage, specialty beverage, or one single serving mixed cocktail, beer, or wine (where offered) with their meal entitlement. This can be redeemed at any Quick Service (also called Counter Service) Restaurant in the parks or resorts.
      • NOTE: Children ages 3-9, although have paid the cost of the child dining plan, can in fact order from the adult menu for quick service credits only.
      • NOTE: Sharing of meals IS allowed for quick service credits! Often times, I will let one of my young children share a quick service with me. This allows for us to have more credits to spread out throughout the week!
  • Snack Credits
    • Includes any item throughout the parks or resorts that is deemed a “Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit Item”.
    • Look for this symbol to know you can redeem a snack credit for the item: snack credit logo
    • These items can very greatly, ranging from a bottle of water (PLEASE, do not “waste” a snack credit on water!) to a breakfast item like a cinnamon roll or pastry, to any size STARBUCKS item you desire! Starbucks at Disney…does it get any better than that? We have compiled a list of our favorite locations to use and maximize your snack credits!
  • Refillable Mugs
    • These mugs can be picked up from the quick service restaurant at your resort once you check in. They have RFID chips placed in them, and will only work for the duration of your stay at ANY resort quick service restaurant. They will not work in the parks. They are good for coffee, hot chocolate, soda, tea and Hi-C/Powerade.

How do I use my credits?

Since the dining plan is based on the number of nights you stay, that is how the credits or meals will be calculated. For example, if a family of 4 were staying 5 nights with the Quick Service Dining Plan, they would have a total of 40 quick service credits, 20 snacks and 4 refillable mugs loaded onto their account upon check in at the resort.

When those credits are loaded onto your account, you can use them any time you want after checking in at your resort, up until midnight on the day you check out. It is wise to have some sort of plan in place on how and when you will use these credits though. That is when having a knowledgeable travel planner that knows the parks and restaurants inside and out helping you comes in handy!

When you are at the restaurant/food cart/etc., you will be asked if you have the dining plan, and if you would like to use your credits for the purchase. You will then scan your MagicBand, and the deductions will take effect automatically.

Every time you use a credit of any kind, you will receive a receipt showing how many credits are remaining. DSC02756

Example, the family of 4 staying 5 nights with the Quick Service Dining Plan: They started with 40 quick service credits, after eating their first meal, their receipt would say 36 Quick Service Credits remaining. You can also check your remaining dining credits on your My Disney Experience app. All Pirate and Pixie Dust clients will have access to know how to do that through the client portal, so be sure to check that out!

Where can I use my credits?

  • Quick Service Restaurants (also known as Counter Service Restaurants or food courts) – any location throughout the parks, resorts or Disney Springs that you order your food at a register and seat yourself. There are no waiters at these locations, and none accept Advanced Dining Reservations except Be Our Guest. These are typically pretty quick meals, and you are able to refill your own drinks. Many people think it only includes hot dogs and cheeseburgers, but that is far from the truth! Examples of just a few of these restaurants (there are over 85 locations on property that are quick service) are:
  • See a full list of all the Quick Service Restaurants here.

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