Disney’s Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage

by Casey Morris on May 11, 2016


Do you have a child that loves pirates or Peter Pan?  Then, next time be sure check out Pirate and Pals Firework Voyage at Walt Disney World!  Pirate and Pals is a ticketed dessert party like none other at Walt Disney World. (Please contact us for current pricing) I have to say that I have wanted to do this experience for a few years now and it was truly worth the wait!


To begin your voyage, you must head to the Contemporary Resort.  On the second floor be on the lookout for pirate music and decorations leading you to a decorate lobby and check in desk.  One party member must check in where you will receive your boat (either Hook or Smee) and row assignment.  Each member of your party will receive a banana to help you dress the part of a pirate.  Feel free to wear it however you wish!



Once you are all checked in, if you get there early enough you can sit around in the lobby and talk with other fellow pirates before the doors open.  Now is the perfect time to go to the bathroom.  You will hear several times that there are no bathrooms on the boats you will take to see the fireworks above Cinderella’s castle.  It is important that you go ahead and take those little ones now because once the fun begins, there is little time to do anything but have a good time.  If you have strollers, they will be asked to stay in the lobby.  Don’t worry, they will magically “fly” to your exit point at the end of the night allowing you to go home from the end of the party.  So, you won’t have to worry about collecting them back inside the Contemporary.



The party will begin with the doors opening and the crowd being greeted by two pirates who look and sound the part.  Their names are Patch and Patch (“twin” brothers) who inform you that they will be your pirate hosts for the night.  They welcome you into the room where all the “booty” is and of course, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee!  Be warned that everyone will make a dash for the two pirates for pictures and autographs. This meet and greet is really rare and a special treat!  We were in the middle of the line and even though it was slow moving we still had time to enjoy all the desserts we wanted.  They also encourage you to take whatever is left home with you because looting is what a pirate does!











Speaking of desserts…there is something for everyone!  Vanilla and chocolate cake, cotton candy, chocolate coins, Mickey ice cream sandwiches, frozen fruit bars, and several different choices of non-alcoholic drinks.






Once it is time to head for the boats, Patch and Patch will return carrying flags.  You and your fellow pirates are grouped by boat (either Hook or Smee) and Captain Hook and Smee lead their band of pirates out to the boats that are waiting by the docks.  Don’t worry about your seat on the boat, all seats are good seats.  With a final farewell from Hook and Smee, you are now led by one of the Patch brothers on your voyage to see the fireworks.  However, before you head off to see the fireworks, you will get to see something up close that has been going on since the park opened…the Electrical Water Pageant up close and personal.  It was truly amazing to see this unique water parade from this perspective.


After the parade, your boat starts heading towards Cinderella’s castle.  Along the way, you are treated to trivia, pirate sing-a-longs, pirate jokes, prizes, pictures, and more.  Our Patch was hilarious and kept everyone laughing and on their toes.  He was extremely witty and knowledgeable of all things Disney.  Patch consistently had you doing something to help make the time fly by.  He will even take pictures with each child on the boat before the trip is over.


The boat stops right in front of the castle right before Wishes begins.  The soundtrack is played right on the boat and you get an amazing view of the fireworks above the castle.  This is great for small children who are terrified of fireworks since the booms of the fireworks are much more subdued.


When the fireworks are over, the boat returns to the dock.  Along the way back you are still treated to Patch’s wit and entertainment to keep you laughing all the way back to the docks.  When you get back to the dock there is a special surprise waiting for you…Peter Pan!  I did not tell my boys that he was going to be there to greet them off the boat.  When they saw him, their mouths dropped.  They were so excited!!  Peter Pan went down to a meet and greet area and met with each family one on one.  I will say that he took his time with each child and that was fabulous!  He talked to my “lost boys” and told them they had great shadows.  Pan went on to tell them about how he lost his shadow and how Wendy helped him sew it back on.  He then told my “lost boys” that if they ever lost their shadows to ask their mother for help and perhaps she’ll sew it back on but to remember that soap never works.  It was so special for my boys and I think they truly enjoyed the surprise!



Disney offers some amazing dessert parties at their different parks and they are all truly wonderful.  However, I feel Pirate and Pals Firework Voyage is extremely unique and well worth the money.  Not only does it have all-you-care-to-eat dessert, but also a boat ride and character interactions that you won’t get anywhere else.  Everything about the experience was amazing and truly one of the best things we have ever done at Disney!  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  So, I highly recommend it, especially for young children who love pirates and Peter Pan.

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