Disney’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party

by Casey Morris on January 29, 2016

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All girls are princesses at the Walt Disney World Resort, and a true princess is not only beautiful, she’s confident, charming and smart too!  Celebrate the princess in your life by treating her to a little-known gem of an event at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa — Disney’s Perfectly Princess Tea.

This two-hour-long royal affair occurs at select times in the Garden View Tea Room.  Reservations and advance payment are required.  Young Guests are encouraged to dress as their favorite princess. Cameras and autograph books are essential to capture the magical memories that will be made.


The event starts outside the Garden View Tea Room, where the princesses and their royal escorts (AKA parents!) gather to wait for their invitations and seating assignments.

Each princess is given a name tag, and the delightful seating hostess engages them in conversation

IMG_2095 (1)

Once everyone has arrived, the girls are greeted by an extremely rare Disney character who is exclusive to this event.  Her name is Rose Petal, and she is a magical rose from Aurora’s garden who has come to life for the party, in the form of a beautiful and cheerful young woman with a knack for singing, dancing and storytelling.

Rose Petal sprinkles the girls with magical fairy dust from her rose…

IMG_2109 (1)

And she gives each princess a crown and hug as she is showered with rose petals and shown to her seat…

IMG_2115 (1)

A very special new friend is waiting for each princess at her table…

IMG_2125 (1)

This 18-inch doll is beautifully appointed in a pink gown, with a tiara, earrings, and beaded magic wand. She is unique to this event, meaning you won’t find the exact same doll at any of the merchandise shops at the Walt Disney World Resort, or at any stores at home.

Tea service begins, with warm apple juice for children and the Garden View Tea Room’s signature Princess Blend tea for adults.  Both adults and children get real teapots, cups and saucers.  Pink for the princesses, and beautiful floral for their chaperones…

IMG_2136 (1)

The princesses are instructed by Rose Petal to place their napkins on their laps, only to find a delightful surprise hidden inside…

IMG_2134 (1)

This silver charm bracelet has five colored charms to represent each of the most popular Disney princesses.  It’s another item that’s exclusive to this event.

A live pianist plays music throughout the event, and takes requests from the princesses.  He can play all the classic songs from Disney films, and he takes breaks to come around and visit with each princess.

A light lunch is also served:

Princesses get peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, and fruit…


Royal escorts get a delicious spread of chicken salad, egg salad and cucumber sandwiches, along with gourmet cheeses and crackers:


As Guests eat and sip tea, Rose Petal performs the story of her magical transformation from rose to human.  She is absolutely captivating, and she engages the audience with song and dance as she tells her story.  She makes very creative use of sign language in her narration, and teaches the princesses how to sign as well.

After she’s finished her story, she summons the princesses to the center of the room, where she teaches them how to curtsy, and has them perform a princess parade around the room.  Then Aurora comes in, everyone shrieks with excitement, and they all dance together.  It really is a perfect display of girly, princessy fun!

The princess return to their seats for cake, and Aurora and Rose Petal begin to make their rounds and visit with each child.

The cake is almost too beautiful to eat, but you really must eat it, because it is delicious!  Fresh and full of strawberry flavor!


Rose Petal signs autographs, poses with, and has a chat with each princess.  She also presents a gift — a gorgeous necklace!


Here is a closer look at the necklace…


It’s a pretty simple faux gem stone on a pink ribbon, but it makes an amazing dress-up accessory, and, like the other gifts, can only be found at this event.

Rose Petal is also kind enough to offer her photography services…


Aurora presents each princess with a fresh long-stem rose, and spends plenty of time interacting with them.  She’s as sweet as can be!


At the conclusion of the event, the princesses pack all of their goodies into blue and pink souvenir cinch-sacks, and then they are led on another princess parade throughout the Grand Floridian.  There’s plenty of adoring public around, as many of the Guests and Cast Members in the lobby make a fuss over them in their princesses dresses with their roses.


The parade is led to the second floor, where an area is set up for each girl to pose for PhotoPass photographers with one of the Aurora dolls…


After each girl has her photo taken, she is led into a gift shop where she is allowed to pick a name for her doll (spoiler alert:  Most choose Aurora!) which is printed on a “Best Friend” certificate.  They also give out a sheet of stickers.

Then the princesses are free to go — loaded down with Royal treasures and grinning from ear to ear!

Disney’s Perfectly Princess Tea is indeed a splurge — two Guests can enjoy a Signature princess-themed character meal at Cinderella Castle for half of what the tea party costs.  But, if you’re looking for the ultimate splurge for your favorite princess, this event is a must-do.  Here is an overview of everything that’s included:

  • A chance to experience tea in the Garden View Tea room.  Reservations for this small venue are difficult to get, and it really is an elegant experience that makes little ones feel grown-up and special
  • A high-quality and filling lunch
  • Live entertainment and character interaction with an extremely small and intimate crowd
  • A whole bag full of rare and exclusive Disney souvenir merchandise — even the bag itself is specially made for the event

Please be advised that this event has an extremely limited capacity and is only offered a few times per week.  Reservations are essential, and should be made 180 days in advance for the best chance of securing a spot.  Contact your Pirate and Pixie Dust Destinations travel agent to sign your princess up for this unforgettable experience!

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