Disney Dream & Fantasy: Category 8A


It is larger than the 241 square footage given to this “stateroom type” of Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom. Many have said it is more like 320 sq ft as an estimation. There are only 12 staterooms in category 8A, with varying details, as listed below. Main thing to keep in mind about this particular room category is that while it has a SPLIT ROOM LAYOUT, it does NOT have a split bathroom layout. You are sacrificing the split bathroom for the bigger room.

Room 5018 & 5518: no privacy divider wall or  vertical pole, full bathroom with shower only (see pics here)

Room 5020, 5022, 5520, 5522: has privacy divider wall and full bathroom with rectangular tub 

Room 6012 & 6510: no privacy divider or vertical pole, full bathroom with shower only (see this video tour)

Room 6014: Handicap Accessible (see this video tour)

Room 6016 & 6514: room with vertical pole, full bathroom with rectangular tub

Room 6512: vertical pole, full bathroom with shower only (see these photos)

As you can imagine, category 8A books up extremely quickly!

Here is what the privacy divider wall looks like, which is in staterooms 5020, 5022, 5520, 5522:

Video Tour

Sleeper Sofa & Upper Berth Bed

Disney Cruise Line has literally thought of everything when it comes to ensuring your family has the best comfort and convenience during your sailing. As you can see in the layout, there is a sitting area, which has a heavy curtain that can be pulled to separate that area from the queen bed. This is great news, since the couch converts to a bed, with the upper-berth pull-down bed above it. That means that the parents can have a little privacy from the kids at night! If you have a family of 4, your stateroom hostess will pull down the upper-berth bed from the ceiling for every evening, and put it back every morning! Once that upper-berth is pulled down, you can see on the ceiling a mural of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy and her brothers flying through the starry sky that the kids are sure to love!

Bathroom & Storage

There is also a full bathroom with vanity, sink and shower/tub combo. What you can’t see from the layout is that the queen bed frame is elevated, allowing for under-bed storage for suitcases and other large items so they are not in your way, as well storage inside the ottoman!

Location of Staterooms

 You can click on this pdf to see the location of every stateroom from each deck, as well as zoom in. Be sure you are looking only at the FIRST page, as the second page is for 2 different ships!: dream and fantasy deck plans

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