Dining at Whispering Canyon Cafe

by Casey Morris on April 12, 2017

Step into the Old West where you can dine on bottomless platters (and milkshakes!) all while having a rootin’ tootin’ good time! We find it funny that the name of the restaurant is Whispering Canyon, because there is everything but whispering going on here! We will explain!

This restaurant is located in the lobby of the beautiful Wilderness Lodge Resort. If you are coming in by your personal car or Disney bus, it is on your immediate left just as you enter the lobby. However, many guests like to eat dinner here on a night that they are in Magic Kingdom since they can simply ride the ferry boat over. When you ride in on the ferry, you are dropped off at the back of the resort grounds. Just follow this walkway up to the lobby.

Upon entering, you will immediately notice the heavy rustic, Cowboy/Indian theme.

While waiting for your table, the kids can play with Lincoln Logs, something that most of us grew up playing with…you know….before all the electronic games became so popular!

The dining room will have you sitting pretty close to your neighbors, but this aids in the fun!

Now, let’s chat about the shenanigans. You have a CHOICE as to weather you prefer to be all in and play, or watch everyone else have all the fun! Be sure to have the side facing UP that you prefer so your waiter/waitress knows right away!

Of course we choose to play! We don’t want to ruin the element of surprise which is part of the fun, so we will only mention a few things here. First, it is likely that you will have a pile of straws THROWN on your table while your waiter is walking by. The first time this happened with us, both my kids had their eyes as large as basketballs until we told them it was part of the entertainment.

During your meal, be sure to ask for ketchup and drink refills to engage in just some of the many antics they will have going on. Also, be sure to have your kids (or yourself!) saddle up in preparation for the hobby horse race around the restaurant. Here is my little Pluto ready for her big race!

Enough about all the fun that is waiting for you, and on to the grub! You will start off with yummy cornbread and butter, the way us Southerners like to get things started.

Hubby and I ordered 2 appetizers, the pot stickers, which we have noticed will come on and off the menu from time to time:

We also ordered the Gold Rush Western Chips with Chili-Queso Dip, which is a popular appetizer there and certainly big enough to share with everyone at the table!

That Chili-Queso Dip is on point!

If you are on the dining plan, you can even order a bottomless milkshake as your drink! Say WHAT???

For our entrees, we ordered the All-You-Care-To-Enjoy Skillet which comes with: Starting with Family-style Mixed Greens tossed in an Apple Vinaigrette Dressing, next up: Slow-smoked Pork Ribs, Barbecued Pulled Pork, Roasted Glazed Chicken, Oak-smoked Beef, and Western-style Sausage served with Seasonal Farm Fresh Vegetables, Mashed Yukon Potatoes, Corn on the Cob, and Cowboy-style Baked Beans.

Let me be real honest and transparent with you for a minute. I’m from Eastern North Carolina and eat food like this on the regular. With that being said…I was NOT a fan of the Barbecued Pulled Pork. I’m sure that is just because “back home, we do it different”. If you are not a pulled pork connoisseur, I’m sure you would probably enjoy it, as I did enjoy everything else on the skillet. (Shout out to my friends that own a local BBQ restaurant and do it right! PS, they even ship!)

The kids, well they played it safe and both ordered their “typical”. One being grilled fish:

While the other ordered the super safe option of mac n cheese:

Last, but certainly not least is the only way to finish up a meal at Disney….DESSERT! (Who am I kidding, that goes for any meal, not just at Disney)

First up for dessert was the Mason Jar Cheesecake. It was good, but didn’t compare to the next dessert up!

The other dessert we ordered was the Whispering Canyon Campfire-Style Gooey Cake. You know when the name of the restaurant is in the name of the dessert, something magical is about to be brought to your table!

I’ll admit that this made up for my disappointment in the pulled pork!

We all know that Disney changes up menus from time to time. So, for the most up to date full menu, be sure to check them out here:

Official Disney Menu: Whispering Canyon Cafe Breakfast

Official Disney Menu: Whispering Canyon Cafe Lunch

Official Disney Menu: Whispering Canyon Cafe Dinner

If you would like to have an advanced dining reservation for this restaurant, be sure to let your PPDD Travel Planner know!


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