We enjoy allowing our kids to collect pressed coins while on vacation. There are machines for both pressed pennies and pressed quarters located all throughout the parks and resorts. After my kids started wanting to do them often, I had to come up with a way to stay more organized with it!

Before we travel, we gather plenty of pennies and quarters. The shinier, the better! If you are going for a pressed penny, it will cost you a total of $0.51. If you are going for a pressed quarter, it will cost you $1.25.

To keep all of the coins organized, I purchased 2 mini M&M’s containers, one for each of my kids.


I peeled the label off, and printed photos of my kids favorite characters to wrap around the container. I just used clear tape to wrap on top of the pictures to secure it.


I stacked the coins in the container, and they fit like a charm! The kids know that they can press as many coins as they want, but once they run out…that’s it!


Now, your coins are all organized to take with you…but…what about after you press them? Disney has these really cute booklets that you can keep them in! Best part, as of Spring 2016, they only cost $8.95.


I keep both books and both containers in a Ziploc bag, inside of our park bag. This makes it easy to just pull the bag out with everything in it when the kids find a machine they want to try out.


There are two different types of machines you will find. One you simply press a button:


And the other option is the crank style:


These little girls struggle trying to turn that crank…but they make it happen!

You can see a list of all the pressed coin options, along with their location at this site. There are also some apps that work great for locating certain designs too.

If you have any questions about pressed coins, contact your PPDD travel planner.

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