Congratulations, you are about to embark on a dream come true vacation experience! Whether you are sailing for 3 nights or 14+ nights, you are 8 months old or 80 years old,  this is your first cruise or 50th cruise…there is something for the entire family to enjoy.

Our travel advisors want to first, thank you for trusting us with your vacation plans. We work extremely hard to ensure that our clients have the most magical experience possible, and that starts with the planning before you ever set sail!

This will be your “information hub” where you can learn all about Disney Cruise Line. Please understand that many guests will not look at any information, board the ship and just have a fantastic time! However, we want to equip you with all the “insider” knowledge which will only sweeten your experience.

Getting Started

To be able to to see your reservation online, you can create an account at (Unless you already have any online Disney account, in which you can use the same log in) Once your account is created, you can then add your reservation to it. 

On the next screen, you should click “ADD RESERVATION”. You will need your cruise confirmation number provided to you by your travel advisor, along with a date of birth for anyone from your stateroom.

Download this free app, and learn how to use it! There are lots of neat features that will enhance your cruising experience.


Before you set sail versus after you set sail, your app will function very differently!

Once you download the app, sign in with the same log in info that you use when signing into your account from your computer. If you linked up your cruise already, it will show up here. If not, you can click on “add reservation” and put your confirmation number in.


Once you step onboard the ship and join their WiFi, all the other features of the app MAGICALLY appear!

Your main screen will now look like this.

MY ACCOUNT – This will allow you to see your current onboard charges at anytime.

CHAT BUBBLE  – The one in the upper right hand corner takes you to the onboard chat feature.

DINING SCHEDULE – Learn which restaurant you will be assigned to for each night, plus the menu and recommended attire!

MY ITINERARY – See more info below.

SHIP MAP – The picture of the ship in the upper left hand corner provides a complete deck plan to help you navigate your way around the ship. This is super helpful and guests use this often!

The rest of this home screen we feel is pretty self explanatory.

Whenyou click on “My Itinerary”, you will see a list of every day of your sailing. You can then click on each day.

When you click on the individual days, you will see very details information that looks like this picture to the right.

Take note that the bar that we circled in red is a scrolling bar. Be sure to move that to see ALL the options!

When you see something you are interested in, click on the HEART next to it. If you have your notifications turned on, you will then be notified prior to the start of that activity.

Take advantage of this free useful tool! It is such a great help, even for the experienced cruiser. If at anytime you have questions about how the app works during your sailing, there is a “Connect at Sea” desk that you can stop by to ask any questions to!.

If you have never cruised before, you may not be familiar with these terms. You will hear them a lot during your sailing, so becoming familiar with them is a great idea. 

  • Embarkation – getting on the ship
  • Debarkation – getting off the ship
  • Aft – back of the ship
  • Atrium – central area of the ship, typically several stories tall.
  • Bow – front of the ship
  • Captain – person in command of the ship
  • Cay – this is pronounced as “key”, as in Castaway Cay
  • Dock – where your ship “parks”
  • Excursion – activities or tours offered in the Port of Call, also called Port Adventures
  • Forward – front of the ship
  • Gangway – access on and off the ship
  • Knot – nautical mile
  • Maitre D’ – officer in charge of the dining room and wait staff
  • Muster – coming together for inspection or roll call
  • Port of Call – one of the stops on the cruise itinerary
  • Port Side – the left side of the ship while facing forward (bow)
  • Starboard – the right side of the ship while facing forward (bow)
  • Stateroom – your cabin
  • Stern – back of the ship

Pre-pay your gratuities by asking your travel advisor to add it to the total cost of your cruise. The cost is $13.50/person per night that you sail. Here is the breakdown of who gets what out of the $13.50:

Head Server (Maitre D’): $1

Server (your main server): $4.50

Assistant Server (yep, assists your server): $3.50

Stateroom Host/Hostess (keeps your sateroom clean and leaves you chocolate!): $4.50

EXAMPLE: A family of four on a 3 night cruise, suggested total gratuity is $162. Your travel advisor can tell you the exact total for your family.

TIP: It is a good idea to take a little cash with you to tip those that are not included in the pre-paid gratuities. For example, when you first arrive at the port and hand your luggage to the Porter, (it will be delivered to your stateroom) we suggest tipping $1 per bag. Also, when you order room service, the server delivering your food is not included in the gratuity charge. You may even come across someone else that went above and beyond that you would like to thank!

PLEASE NOTE: a 15% gratuity is automatically added to bar, beverage, wine and deck service tabs. All gratuities can be charged to your stateroom folio.


That is okay, if you don’t pre-pay them, they will be added to your onboard balance to be paid at the end of your cruise. All your purchases onboard, as well as port adventures booked through Disney Cruise Line will be added to this onboard account as a cumulative charge. Your onboard credit from our agency will go towards that onboard balance for you!

Itinerary Planning

Now your reservation is linked! You can sign in and see your reservation at anytime. Here are some pointers you need to know:

  1. Your travel advisor will let you know the date in which you can do your online check in as well as book on board activities and Port Adventures. (We are also happy to do some of this for you as well!)
  2. In order to do online check in and book activities/excursions, your cruise reservation must be paid in full. Depending on the sailing, and your Castaway Club status, you may be eligible to do these things prior to your final payment due date. This is why we recommend paying your balance off prior to your booking window opening up, versus the actual payment due date.

If you have sailed Disney Cruise Line before, you are a Castaway Club Member which gives you several perks, especially on your planning timeline! It is important for your travel advisor to know your Castaway Club number, to best be able to assist you. 

  • YOUR FIRST CRUISE – book cruise activities 75 days before sailing. No worries, you will be a Silver member after this cruise! 
  • SILVER MEMBERS – book cruise activities 90 days before sailing. (1-4 past sailings)
  • GOLD MEMBERS – book cruise activities 105 days before sailing. (5-9 past sailings)
  • PLATINUM MEMBERS – book cruise activities 120 days before sailing. (10+ past sailings)

There is so much to do on a Disney Cruise. Some things require an advance reservations, and some don’t. Here are the things that currently need an advanced reservation. 


  • Palo – available on all 4 ships for brunch or dinner. See more info here
  • Remy – available on Dream & Fantasy for brunch, dinner, desert or wine pairing. See more info here
  • Beverage Tastings – there are many options to choose from. See options here, see a review here


  • A variety of pampering options await! See them here.  

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

  • This experience has re-opened, but does need a reservation! See more info here

Character Meet and Greets

  • Most of the characters you see on board will not need a reservation. However, there are a few specialty meet and greets that are by reservation only. See more info here

Sports Simulator

  • On Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, there is a sports simulator up on Goofy’s Sports Deck. See info here


Many cruise lines call it “shore excursions”, so if you have heard that term used, it is the same thing.

You can get off the ship at many ports with no Port Adventures booked and just enjoy walking around. However, most guests like having pre-arranged transportation, activities, etc. Here, you will learn how to view the available options. However, speak directly with your travel advisor about guiding you in the right direction to make the best decision for YOUR family!


Click on which destination you are sailing to HERE, in order to see the available options. Once you choose your destination, you can then filter it by each individual port of call which makes it easier to view those options.


Reservations for Port Adventures can be made online in advance, but you do not pay for them until you are on the ship. The charges will be applied to your “onboard account” and charged to the card you have on file.

On the ship, you will receive “tickets” in your stateroom for each Port Adventure, for each person. It will tell you exactly when and where to meet, and you will be escorted off the ship with others doing the same activities. The ticket will look something like this:

Most of the time, upon check in at the location your ticket states, each person will receive a sticker. This will directly relate to the group you are in and is very helpful. You will follow the sign that matches your sticker in order to make sure you are heading in the right direction when exiting the ship.

When it is time for your online check in, there are a few time sensitive things that need to be done. This part needs to be handled by the guest, so we do not assist with this part. 


  1. Log into your cruise account, and click on “my reservations”. 
  2. “Check In” is where you need to go for these steps. 

3. This process is very easy to complete, but if you have questions, please let us know.  

If you would like for your travel advisor to assist you with booking onboard activities or Port Adventures, please fill out this questionnaire. 


Tips from the Experts

Here are a few suggestions we have for packing:

Travel Documents: See below for what documentation you need to bring, but be sure to pack it! This is the most important thing to bring, as it is what allows you on the ship! 

Sunscreen: now I know this is an obvious thing to pack, but you will go through a lot of it. I would recommend one can per day.

ID Holder – IF this is your first Disney Cruise sailing, you will need to bring a lanyard ID holder to make your trip easier. This will hold your Key to the World Card that you will need to use throughout your trip. If you have sailed Disney Cruise Line before, they will give you a lanyard upon check in, no need to purchase one.

Sand-Off! Mitt – this works great for helping to get sand off quickly. Of course you could also use a cornstarch based baby powder as well. You can also benefit from a sand free beach blanket or towel too.

Hanging organizer – Disney does NOT allow any over the door hanging items. These were scratching their doors. Instead, you CAN use anything that has something like a clothes hanger at top. You can hang that in the closet space, or a towel hook. A hanging toiletry bag with the same type of hook will also work well.

Towel Clips – or clothespins. Not only can you use these to secure towels to your chairs, but also use them to hang your wet clothes from the retractable clothes line in the bathroom.

Door Décor – Many cruisers will decorate their stateroom door. This is a fun activity that the kids will enjoy. You can NOT use any tape or adhesive. The doors are metal (except on the Dream and Fantasy concierge rooms), so bring magnetic decorations! You can even find personalized ones on etsy and ebay or you can print your own with magnet paper.

Night Light – cabins, especially inside staterooms will be nice and dark at night. You could leave the television on, or opt to bring a night light!

Multi-USB Charger – power strips are not allowed on the Disney ships, but you can charge your devices through the multi-usb chargers!

Water shoes – these can be very helpful when walking on hot sand and sea shells.

Safe Sea Lotion – find it HERE

Waterproof Watch – it is very easy to lose track of time while cruising. That might seem fantastic, BUT you will want to know the time when it comes to things like activities and dinner time!

Water bottle – this is not a necessity, but more of a convenience. You can refill this at the soft drink and water station. We will bring a Yeti cup as well sometimes.

Sea-Bands – you can find these locally, and I would recommend doing that. Keep them in the package, and if you never need to use them, return them. This is a great alternative to the medications which can cause drowsiness. HERE is an example of what to look for.

Pirate Night – not all cruises, but most of them will have a Pirate Night. You do not have to dress up, as you will be given a pirate style bandana. If you would like to add a little extra fun, grab some pirate themed attire from a costume shop. You can also bring glow necklaces for the kids, which are always fun!

Costumes – feel free to let your little one (or yourself) run around dressed like their favorite Disney character! Be sure that the costume is comfy!

Strollers – if you have wee ones traveling, feel free to bring your strollers from home. Keep in mind that you will have to store it in your stateroom, so leave the bulky ones at home. Opt for a great umbrella stroller. There are strollers on Castaway Cay that you can use that have bigger wheels for the sand!

$1 bills – for tipping as needed

“Day Bag” – with items you would like to have with you during the first several hours you are on the ship. Example – you NEED to have the documents required to check in, in your day bag (passport or birth certificates with ID) and we also like to have sunscreen since we like to go to the pool as soon as we board!

**Items that you do NOT need to bring – irons, rolls of quarters (you can now pay for laundry by swiping room key, however there are some penny press machines in the port if you collect those!), beach towels, SCUBA equipment, perishable food  items or any open snack containers, blow dryer (there is one in your cabin, but if you are funny about blow dryers, you might want to bring your own), picture frames or pillow cases for signatures (there are lots of blogs out that explain the you can simply leave these items at guest services to collect all the signatures and pick it up at the end of the sailing. Disney Cruise Line no longer offers this. You can certainly bring those items, but will need to have the characters sign it at meet and greets instead!)

It is important to know what documentation is required for your sailing. See requirements HERE


No matter which port you are sailing out of, Disney Cruise Line handles embarkation day the same. The examples we will show you here are from Port Canaveral.

1. You will need to plan to arrive at your designated Port Arrival Time.

2. Whether you are driving in to park, or being dropped off by a transfer, you will hand over all your luggage except for your “day bag” to the luggage handlers. Remember to have your luggage tags from Disney Cruise Line attached to each piece of luggage. **Luggage handlers work off of tips. We recommend at least $1/bag that is handled.

3. Once you drop your bags off, if it is prior to 11am, get in line that is formed to enter the port. If after 11am, proceed inside. You will need to show photo ID (or passports) to enter the port and go  through security.

4. Once inside, you will then check in. Everyone in your stateroom needs to stay together for this part. It will not take long, since your online check has already been completed! You will also receive bands for the Oceaneer’s Club for each kid that you have registered as well as a “boarding group number” card.

5. As soon as you are done with check in, head on over to your first character meet and greet! If you do not see a character out yet, look for a line that is already starting to form (typically right in front of the model ship)

6. Now you wait until your “boarding group number” is called. This is a number on a business card size piece of paper that was given to you at check in. Boarding groups typically start getting called around 11:45-ish. We recommend taking photos, if you have a good view of the ship like Port Canaveral offers, as well as reading over the “Personal Navigator”. The navigator will tell you all the things that are happening onboard for the day so you can get an idea of what your family wants to do.

7. When boarding groups begin to be called, you will enter through the “Magical Mickey” where you officially start your vacation! (Everyone needs to tap their Key to the World Card when entering here)


As you take your first step onto the ship, prepare to have the royal welcome! A few things to note:

  • Staterooms are typically ready around 1:30pm. Your luggage will be left in the hallway right outside your room, but it may be later than 1:30 before it arrives.
  • While guests are still boarding the ship, use this time to your advantage! 
  • Everyone must attend the Assembly Drill, which is typically around 4:00pm. To find the location of where you need to attend this drill, look on the backside of your stateroom door.
  • Around 4:30pm there will be a party up on the pool deck that you won’t want to miss. Be sure to have a clear view of the “Funnel Vision” (aka large television)


When you arrive at the port to check in for your cruise, you will receive what is called a Key to the World Card. This card has many uses, so we want to make sure you understand how it works, and even what everything on the card means.

1. Date of your sailing

2. Ship you are sailing on

3. Your name

4. Your Castaway Club Status

5. Your lifeboat station

6. Your rotational dining guide:

  • R = Royal Court / Royal Palace (Dream/Fantasy)
  • A = Animators Palette (Dream/Fantasy/Wonder/Magic)
  • E = Enchanted Garden (Dream/Fantasy)
  • T = Tritons (Wonder)
  • TP = Tiana’s Place (Wonder)
  • L – Lumiere’s (Magic)
  • RT = Rapunzel’s Royal Table (Magic) – formerly Cariocca’s

7. Your dining time for dinner

8. Your table number in the rotational dining rooms, be prepared to show that number when entering!

9. The line number where you checked in

10. Shows you have a Disney Visa by Chase, which entitles you to extra perks

11. Your Castaway Club number

12. A = adult, M = minor

13. If this area is blank, you have no post cruise transportation set up through Disney Cruise Line. If you do have a letter, this is what it would mean:

  • P = Disney Cruise Line transportation to the cruise port
  • A = Disney Cruise Line transportation to the airport
  • PA = Disney Cruise Line transportation to cruise port and airport
  • R = Disney Cruise Line transportation to Walt Disney World Resort
  • RPA = Disney Cruise Line transportation from Resort to cruise port to airport

This Key to the World card is enabled for:

  • spending privileges when making purchases on the ship
  • your stateroom key
  • to disembark the ship at port of calls
  • to embark the ship again

Since you will be showing and using this card all throughout the cruise, we highly recommend bringing a lanyard for every guest that is sailing if this is your first cruise. If you have sailed before, Disney Cruise Line will provide one for you.

There are photo packages available and purchasing in advance will save you money! Learn more HERE


Chances are, you may be heard these terms if you have done any “looking around” online about a Disney Cruise Line vacation. Let’s look at the differences, as well as specific information for each!

FISH EXCHANGE – The term used for the process of giving and receiving gifts.

FISH EXTENDER – This is the term for the actual contraption that will hold the gifts being exchanged.

**DISCLAIMER – You do NOT have to participate in this if you don’t want to. It is meant to be fun, not stressful. Some will look at this information and immediately think “how fun!”…while others (admittedly, myself) think “no way, no how”. Having sailed 8 times on a Disney Cruise, my family has never done this. My kids have never felt “left out”.


It’s easiest to start with what a Fish Extender actually is. The name comes from the wall attached decor (either a fish or a seahorse) outside of every stateroom door. This decor was actually designed to hold announcements or note cards from DCL to the guest.

In time, guests found a creative alternative use for these fish and seahorses. The Fish Extender was born, once guests started hanging things with pockets from them, in order to collect gifts from other guests!

TIP – All the staterooms on port side (left) have a fish, and all staterooms on starboard side (right) have a seahorse. This is great to keep in mind if you get lost. 😉 ***(Remember PORT has 4 letters, just like FISH does!)


How Do I Participate?

Your first step is to join a group prior to your sailing. There are two options for this:

Facebook – This is the easiest way. You simply type in the name of your ship and sail date in the search box, then request to join that group. Once in the group, you will see options there to join in on the Fish Exchange!

DISboards – If you are not on Facebook, you can go to this site to join a group as well.

How Do I Know Who is in my Group?

Typically someone who has sailed before will volunteer to create and organize the Fish Extender group. You will fill out your information so others in your group will know who they are providing gifts for.

The usual group size averages about 12 staterooms (give or take a little). Each room can hold somewhere between 1-5 guests. You will know before long how many guests you will be providing gifts for.

How Do the Gift Exchanges Happen?

Once everyone in your group knows their stateroom number, they will provide that when filling out their form. When it is your day to make delivery, you will go around to each stateroom and slip their gifts into their Fish Extender pockets.

This means you should have a gift in your Fish Extender each day of your sailing. Depending on the length of sailing, you could potentially have several gifts a day.

What Types of Gifts Should I provide? 

You can choose to purchase or DIY your gifts. The possibilities are endless. To give you great ideas, check out this Etsy link.  

If you didn’t know, Disney Cruise Line does not release discounts like every other cruise line does. They almost always fill up their ships even without discounts! The only way (outside of military or FL residents) to get a discount on sailing is to take advantage of the exclusive offers while onboard – a Placeholder and a Future Cruise Booking.





10% off your next cruise! 


While onboard, you can select a specific sailing and book it right while onboard! You will be required to pay the deposit, but will then receive 10% off that sailing you book! You must visit the Vacation Planning Desk to book this.


The easiest way to take advantage of the 10% discount on a future cruise is to book what is called a “Placeholder”. You will pay a $250 deposit, and can pick the sailing you would like once you return. The sailing must take place AND end within 2 years of you placing that deposit. There are 3 ways to do this while onboard:

  1. Via the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App – This is the easiest of the 3 ways. When you do this, the $250 will be charged to the credit card you have on file with the ship. BE SURE to click on the option to “keep your current travel advisor” when processing this. We want to continue to help you with your future sailings!
  2. Fill out the form and drop it off – At the Vacation Planning Desk, there will be a stack of Placeholder forms. You can simply fill one out and leave it in the lock box. Here is a picture of what the form looks like. Again, BE SURE to circle YES for keeping your current travel advisor!
  3. Schedule an appointment – While it is necessary to schedule an appointment to speak with a Cast Member to book a future cruise, it is not necessary in order to book a Placeholder. If you feel more comfortable doing it in person, that is an option though. Lastly, BE SURE to ask them to keep your current travel advisor on file for your Placeholder.

You have had the most amazing vacation, but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. There is a process to disembarkation of the ship, and we want to ensure you are prepared for it.

On the last day of your sailing, there will be a video on repeat that gives you all this information in detail. It is hard to miss it, if you are in your stateroom. However, you will most likely be enjoying your last day and not wanting to think about all these instructions.


You will have a few items left in your stateroom for preparing for debarkation. These items include:

Comment Card – optional, but a great way to leave feedback. You can drop this off in the comment card box on debarkation morning.

Tip Envelopes – even if you did pre-paid gratuities, you can still write a note and give to your waiters with these envelopes!

Debarkation Letter – a letter with a summer of everything posted here. Use it as a reference, but since you are one leg up and prepared it will not take away from your valuable cruise time!

Customs Declaration Form – This must be filled out for every stateroom. Here is exact wording from the Debarkation Letter about this process, so you are prepared:

After collecting your luggage, all guests in your party must present themselves for inspection with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Guests are required to have proof of citizenship and a U.S. Customs Declaration From (one per household) in hand, ready for inspection. To expedite the passport control process, please have the head of household present all documentation and the U.S. Customs Declaration Form together to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer. Non U.S. Guests, entering on the VIsa WAiver program must rpesen ttheir passports and the ESTA approval form. It is very important that you do not pack any of your citizenship documentation. In accordance wtih Federal Las, NO fresh fruits, vegetables, plant materials, meats, or animal products may be brought back into the U.S. Heavy fines may be imposed on guests found with these items. Green Palm handicrafts are discouraged for possible red mite infestation. Non-U.S. guests with Travel Visaas must present their passports.

Character Luggage Tags – these are used only if you are using the “handled luggage” option explained below.

Onboard Airline Check In Letter, Boarding Passes, Luggage Tags – this is only if you are already enrolled in this program, more on this later.


There are 3 options for getting your luggage off the ship. See which one interests you most and go ahead an prepare ahead for that option.

Handled Luggage

The character luggage tags that were left in your stateroom are for this purpose. If you have several bags and don’t want to wrestle with them and the kids trying to disembark the ship, this is the way to go. Place the character tags on your luggage, (be sure to remove any old airline or Disney tags) and leave those bags in the hallway outside your stateroom between 8:30 pm and 10:00 pm on the last night of the sailing. Think of this as airline checked luggage! You will not see these bags again until you are off the ship and back in the terminal. All luggage is organized in colored zones, according to your character tags you were given so it is easier for you to find. The porters assisting you with your luggage there are employed by a independent company, so it is customary to provide gratuity in recognition of their service.

It is important to remember to keep a carry on sized bag with you in the room that night, as well as a change of clothes for the next day. If you forget and put everything in the luggage out in the hallway, you will disembark the ship in your pajamas. You wouldn’t be the first people to do this though!

Express Walk-Off

If you prefer to keep your luggage with you, no worries! That just means you will need to carry it off the ship yourself. There are positive and negatives to this option. The positive is that you can disembark the ship as soon as you are ready (once the ship has cleared customs) and carry on about your day. The negative is you have to keep all the luggage with you as you attend breakfast that morning.

Onboard Airline Check In Luggage

If you are taking advantage of onboard airline check in, this is a super convenient option for you. You must first meet these requirements:

You must have purchased Disney Cruise Line Ground Transfers from the port.

Your flight has to depart between 11:30 am and 11:59 pm on that same day.

Your flight must be on a participating airline.

Your final destination must be within the U.S.

This is a complimentary service if you meet the above requirements. You will fill out the “Onboard Airline Check-In” form that was left in your stateroom, and place luggage outside your stateroom door per the directions found on that form.


Breakfast will be served in the same restaurant where you were scheduled to dine on the last evening of your cruise.

Guests with Main Seating – will eat breakfast at 6:45 am

Guests with Second Seating – will eat breakfast at 8:00 am

*Please do not show up late to your breakfast. The staff work hard to feed a large number of people in a very short time. We have seen guests show up very late, and while they will still feed you, it isn’t fair to the staff that morning.

If eating in the dining room at a scheduled time does not intrigue you, there are other options! You can also opt for the buffet on the pool deck which opens at 7:00am. Cove Cafe (adults only) will be available for specialty coffees from 6:30 am – 8:30 am.

TIP: Room service is NOT available on debarkation morning.


FYI – all merchandise shops will be closed on debarkation morning. If there is a souvenir you want to purchase, be sure to do it prior to this day!

10:00 pm – on the night prior to debarkation, if you are not using the Express Walk-Off option, all luggage must be tagged and outside your stateroom door.

11:00 pm – on the night prior to debarkation, you must return all Oceaneer Bands back to Disney’s Oceaneer Club or Disney’s Oceaneer Lab located on Deck 5, midship. If you do not return these, or wish to keep them as a memento, you will be charged for them.

Debarkation Morning

6:45 am – Breakfast for those that have Main Seating

7:00 am – If you have a credit card on your account, you are fine. However, if you are on a cash account, you must settle your onboard account prior to this cut off time.

*Buffet on pool deck opens

7:15 am – 7:45 am – Typical time frame that the ship will be cleared by customs. If you are doing Express Walk-Off, you could debark during this time! We have seen this time be slightly later, but this is typical time frame.

8:00 am – Breakfast for those that Second Seating

*Staterooms must be cleared out at this time.

9:00 am – All guests are requested to be off the ship by this time.

While not a necessity, it is really fun decorating your stateroom door! You can DIY this, or purchase customized magnets.

There are several places to purchase from, but here is another direct link to Etsy to get you started! 

Please take the time to let us know how we did in assisting you.

We are a small business that thrives off of referrals and positive online reviews. There are 3 different ways you can help us stay in business so that we can help others. We would love to have them all completed, but very appreciative if you could do at least one!


The best way to leave your travel advisor a review is directly on their business Facebook page. If you don’t already follow them, you can find them by searching “Pirate and Pixie Dust Destinations” followed by their name.


You can leave a review on the agency’s main Facebook page. Be sure to mention your advisors name in your review!


You can leave us a Google Review. Again, be sure to mention your travel advisor’s name!

Thank you for trusting us with your precious vacation plans. We do not take that lightly.