Chip n’ Dales Campfire Sing-Along

by Casey Morris on August 27, 2014


Are you looking for a fun, FREE character event to experience with your kids? That’s right, I said FREE character event! Look no further than the Chip n’ Dale’s Campfire Sing-along! This is truly a great experience, and overlooked by so many! My husband and I took our two young daughters in May of 2014, and here is what we experienced.

First, this is located at the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, which means no park entry is required, and anyone can attend! It is held nightly around 7pm in the Fall and Winter season, and around 8pm in the Spring and Summer. There are two ways to get to Fort Wilderness:

1. Ferry Boats leave from both Magic Kingdom and Contemporary Resort. If you travel by boat, you will arrive at the Settlement Depot, near the back of the campground.

2. If leaving from any other theme park, or Downtown Disney, you can take the bus to Fort Wilderness, which will have you arriving at the Outpost Depot at the front of the campground.

There are 3 internal bus routes within the campground, titled purple, yellow and orange. You want to catch either the yellow or orange route, and get off at the Meadow Trading Post stop. Once you get off the bus, you will walk down this path, the Meadow Trading Post is straight in front of you.


As you see on the map below, to get to the campfire, you should walk around the Meadow Trading post, and follow the path to the campfire. #9 is where you will be dropped off, and #11 is your destination!

ft wilderness map

I know you are thinking that it seams like a lot of work to actually get to the campfire, and yes, it does take a while. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Welcome to Chip n’ Dale’s Campfire Sing-along, my friends!


This is what the area looks like, we arrived a little early to check things out.


A game of Bingo was being played when we first arrived. Not long into the game, Chip n’ Dale appeared, they greeted all the kids, and stayed to play for quite some time.


Dale decided to play some Bingo too!


My kids LOVE Chip n’ Dale, and just could not get enough of them. This was the perfect opportunity to play, and not feel rushed to take a quick picture and leave. There was no line forming to see them, they just walked around and played with all the kids. I would be curious to see what the interaction would be like during a busier time of year though.




Now let’s talk about the campfire!! You are more than welcome to bring your own food items to roast, like marshmallows and hot dogs. If you are like most folks, you will end up buying the kit when you arrive. We bought this kit from the Chuckwagon Snack Bar located just behind the campfire. This kits was more than enough for our family of four, and was about $10. It even came with the sticks for roasting.


There are two fire pits, so choose whichever you would like. I saw no reason to choose one over the other.


So we decided to go ahead and grab a seat around one of the pits. As you can see, these pits are not huge, and do not hold a large crowd around them.


Here are my two sweeties waiting to roast some s’mores!


Once the fire got going, the kids were very excited!


The s’mores were a great treat!


About 20 minutes after the fire was lit, the show began. Here is the stage.


A cowboy cast member gets on stage, a long with Chip n’ Dale, to sing some great songs like the Chicken Dance and Hokey Pokey. Don’t be afraid sing-along, and even dance too!

Chip n’ Dale made one last round to visit the kids before leaving for the night.


After the sing-along, a movie is projected on the large screen, for a “movie under the stars”.

My family had a great time, and we plan to do this on most of our visits to Disney. There are a few tips that I would like to suggest, if this will be your first time visiting the campfire.

– if you have young kids, bring the stroller. As you can tell on the map, once you get off the bus, it is nice little walk to get to the campfire.

– that stroller that you bring, DO NOT park it close to the campfire. We did this, not thinking about how our stroller would smell like smoke for the rest of our vacation. I recommend parking it behind the golf cart parking lot. This is close enough to keep your eye on it, but far enough away that smoke should not be an issue for it.

-bring the bug spray. once the fire is started, the smoke drives the bugs away. Prior to the fire, you might need some…remember, this is surrounded by wooded area!

– eat dinner prior to going. Sure, they serve other snacks, but you could use this as a dessert versus trying to fill up on it.

– don’t forget the camera and autograph book!

– allow plenty of time to get there, remember you have to get on an internal bus once you arrive.

-when leaving, follow this guide to help you:

– To Magic Kingdom: take the internal bus to the Settlement Depot, walk to the marina and take the ferry boat.

– To Contemporary Resort: take internal bus to the Settlement Depot, walk to marina and take ferry boat to resort.

– To Wilderness Lodge: take internal bus to the Settlement Depot, board ferry boat, OR bus, or take bike path.

– To Polynesian Village Resort or Grand Floridian: go to Magic Kingdom, then board monorail.

– To all other Disney Resorts: go to Magic Kingdom and board appropriate bus as quickest option.

– To all other Disney Parks: take internal bus to Outpost Depot, then board appropriate bus.

If you would like more information for planning a trip to Disney World, we would love to help you! Remember our services are always FREE! Contact me by email or 1-800-758-4173.

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