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Hi! My name is Casey Morris, the owner of Pirate and Pixie Dust Destinations. I live in Winterville, NC with my husband Jeremy and our two daughters.

I grew up traveling to Disney often, which is where my love for the mouse started. In my first career, I worked as a registered nurse in women’s health/labor & delivery for 10 years. I left that career to be able to help other families experience the magic of a Disney vacation.

My Travel Planning Specialties

Walt Disney World: 75+ visits 

Disney Cruise Line – Platinum Castaway Club Member, have sailed on all the Disney ships. 

Universal Orlando – Multiple visits with on property resort stays

All-Inclusive Resorts – Multiple stays at different resorts across Caribbean and Mexico.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and more.



OFFICE HOURS: M-F 8:15 am – 2:15pm EST, or by appointment


If you have vacationed with Casey being your travel advisor, please leave a testimony of your experience below!

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  1. Oh my where do I begin?!? I’m a Mom of two precious little boys and I am always trying to make the most of everything and pour lasting memories into both of them. So when we decided to go to Disney I had the biggest challenge yet!! I wanted to leave no stone unturned, learn all that I could and plan the most spectacular trip so that their little minds would be blown all week long! As I began to plan little did I know that this aspiring “Super” Mom was way in over her head. I knew my boys and what they would love…but where to begin??
    This is when the skies opened and there was Casey. All I heard was raving reviews from other close friends had talked about and what an amazing trip she had planned for them. So I did what any smart girl would do…I picked up the phone and called CASEY!!
    From the very first conversation we had she was nothing but warm, helpful and most of all really wanted my family to have the best experience ever!!! After talking with her about the things we really wanted to do she handled everything. From ALL reservations, to which days we wanted to be where she just took care of it. I might by “Super” haha, but I will never claim not to be indecisive.
    So with that being said I may have changed my mind a few times about things and every single time she took my new wishes and assured me that she didn’t mind a bit and it would work out perfectly! And guess what…it did! From the planning to the tips (that I could not have made it without) our family had the MOST amazing and memorable time in Disney ever!! They still talk about our adventures eight months later. If you could ever do yourself and major favor call Casey at Pirates and Pixie Dust Destinations…It WILL be the best phone call you will make on this thrill ride called DISNEY!
    Signed…One Thankful Mom

  2. I overheard some fellow co-workers talking about their recent trips to Disney, and how they used a travel agent (later to find out it was Casey) to help them plan. I thought to myself, who uses travel agents anymore, I am staying off Disney Property, so I just need to go online and buy Disney Park Tickets. I started looking online, and immediately felt overwhelmed at all that Disney had to offer, and I did not want to miss out on something because I simply did not know about it.
    I decided to find out what using a travel agent was all about. I called Casey, and she assured me that if I purchased my park tickets through her agency, it would not cost any more than if I bought them directly through Disney, and she was right!
    She helped me plan every aspect of our trip. She listened to what I said I wanted, made great suggestions, then asked me would I prefer her to make a complete itinerary for me, or just help me make one. I said “you can make a whole itinerary, at no cost to me, yes, I want that!!” She did everything for me, sent it to me for review and told me if I wanted to change ANYTHING, just to let her know and that was not a problem.
    I am telling all my friends about this FREE, awesome service that Pirate and Pixie Dust Destinations is offering. Why would you not use it?
    Baker Family
    Our first family trip to Disney
    November 2013

  3. I was referred to Casey by a good friend who had used Pirate and Pixie Dust Destinations for her first family experience at Disney. She promised me I would be in good hands and she was absolutely right!!!
    Casey assured me there were no stupid Disney questions (believe me I had several! ) but Casey was so gracious and answered every single one with kindness. Her pointers from where to stand to get the most out of the parades to how to best utilize your snack credits to how to use your bands and link them to your My Disney Experience Account (what is that you newcomers ask? You will soon find out) were such valuable information!
    We would have struggled with all this information had it not been for Casey Morris. She is amazing and is just the person you need to help you plan a magical trip to Disney!! Thank You Casey!
    The Allen Family
    Pinetops , NC
    April 2014

  4. Hi Casey! We just got back from a magical week at Disney! I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for everything you did! You made this so easy for us! The restaurants you picked were perfect! From the views at the Coral Reef, to the atmosphere at T-Rex, to the peanut butter and jelly milkshake at the 50’s Diner, it was perfect! The Grand Floridian was the perfect setting for our trip.

    I could go on and on and bore you to death, but I won’t. In short, thank you! You made something that was so complex to me so easy for us to enjoy!

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