5 Things You Didn’t Know Were at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

by Casey Morris on March 17, 2016

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Animal Kingdom is Walt Disney World’s most adventurous theme park. While you are trekking along the pathways you may notice the beautiful foliage and exciting attractions but you may fail to notice these 5 things around the park:

Oasis Trails:

While you are entering the park you may want to run right to your first scheduled Fastpass+ reservation. Take some time when you enter the park to venture off the beaten path and onto the hidden Oasis trails. This area is often populated with interesting animals to view such as Giant Anteater, Boar, Wallabies, and Spoonbills.

oasis 1

oasis 2

oasis 3

oasis 4

Discovery Island Trails:

When you enter the park, go to the left and head onto the Discovery Island trails located directly across from Creature Comforts, the parks Starbucks location. Along this trail you can see Storks, Otters, Tortoises, Lesser Flamingos, Lemurs, and Macaws. You may also encounter Tarzan for pictures and a meet and greet opportunity. During your trek you also get an up-close view of the Tree of Life and its many animal carvings.

discovery 2

discovery 1

Rafiki’s Planet Watch- Veterinary Care:

If you venture to Africa and hop on the train located near the Kilimanjaro Safari entrance early in your visit, you may be able to watch a Veterinarian attend to one of the many animal inhabitants of Animal Kingdom. It is always advised to visit the Safari early to catch more animals being active along the way, after your early visit to the Safari you could catch this Veterinarian care. Early visitors are the only ones who normally get to see this during their visit.


TIP: If you have a stroller that can be folded, TAKE IT WITH YOU ON THE TRAIN. There is a good bit of walking once you get off the train! If you have a Disney stroller that you rented from the park, you can NOT take that on the train. However, there will be stroller you can use once you get off the train, so look for them just outside of the station upon arrival!


Once you disembark the train, you follow Rafiki, he know da way!

rafiki 1

rafiki 2

rafiki 6

Upon entering the building, you will discover the veterinary center, among many other things!

rafiki 3

Dr. Mickey hanging out in the operating room, ready to help some animals!


If you are lucky enough to catch an animal being cared for, you will be amazed for sure! During our last visit, we were able to watch a lion in the operating room! THAT. WAS. AWESOME!



Also at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, you can see other small “critters” within the building.

rafiki 4

rafiki 5

Don’t forget outside! There is a large, free roam petting area that the kids are sure to enjoy! Check out this guy with his Hidden Mickey!


TIP: Before you board the train back, look around for Gi-Tar Dan. He hangs out at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, and is really fun to listen to! Here is a video that we were lucky enough to catch as he was began singing to Casey’s kids: (they still talk about that special moment!)


D’vine can be hard to spot because she blends in well with the foliage around her. This stilt-walking performer is available for pictures and is usually located in the Oasis area of the park. See the park map for information on her appearances each day.


Maharajah Jungle Trek:

During this trek you may encounter Asian Tigers, Malayan Flying Foxes, Fruit Bats, Various species of birds, and many others. This well themed area of the park is out of the way, located behind the Kali River Rapids attraction, and is usually not too crowded. Another perk of this adventure is that you get to see animals that you won’t encounter while on the Kilimanjaro Safari!

Jungle Trek 2

Jungle Trek 1

Jungle Trek 3

Often times Animal Kingdom is considered a “half-day” park, but if you take the time to see these lesser-known attractions and truly enjoy all this park has to offer, you may just realize that may not be the case. When others are rushing around the bigger parks trying to fight the crowds to see everything, Animal Kingdom can feel like a true vacation from your vacation and that may be just what your family needs! Have you seen any of these lesser-known attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

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